Steps to Install AVG Antivirus on Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most popular operating system which is nowadays run on every computer. It is quite a fast operating system and for its security and system protection, installing antivirus is a way for that. There are many antivirus security programs and AVG is trusted amongst them. It is quality software that protects the system from any kind of cyber threats, viruses and more. If you are going to install this antivirus, then you should follow the steps mentioned below.

• ownload the software form the website and run the file.
• Allow the program to get space in the hardware by clicking Yes.
• After this, AVG will start installing on the computer. It will take some time.
• Once it is done, then you have to click Install Now with the end user license.
• You can select custom install as well if you are aware of otherwise leave that.
• Once the install gets finished, then you have to create MY AVG Account. You can skip this as well if you don’t want to create.
• Now you are ready to use this software.

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